At last month’s Fall Board we were told about a project called “tie a purple ribbon ‘round the old Palm tree:. Domestic Violence can affect families at every income level; every ethnicity; every social status. The main categories of domestic violence are: physical abuse; sexual abuse; emotionalabuse; elder abuse including but not limited to exploitation, neglect and abandonment.
Let’s turn Florida purple to make sure everyone is aware of the prevalence of Domestic Violence in our society today. Get out there and “tie those purple ribbons ‘round those old palm trees!!”
Bingo, Ice cream and Scam alert!!!
Playing Bingo, ice cream in waffle bowls and an alert for seniors about scams targeting seniors will be on tap Thursday, June 15 at the Wewahitchka Senior Citizen Center.

The GFWC Wewahitchka Woman's Club's Domestic Violence committee organized the activity to mark the June 15th World-wide Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Members and some Booster husbands will callBingo, eat lunch with and serve ice cream to the seniors present. Special guest, Gulf Sheriff's office Investigator Paul Beasley will join the gathering to alert all to a recent scam involving thieves posing as law enforcement officers targeting seniors.

Elder abuse is too often an ugly reality in life, and is a cause local, state and the national General Federation of Woman's Clubs work to end. To be a part of this and other worthwhile projects of the Wewahitchka Woman's club, check us out